What Drives Me:

I see each day that I awaken as a gift from God and an opportunity to brighten someone else’s day! 

Growing up, I always had a home in which to live. My parents provided for every need that I had. I realize that not all families have this luxury and I want to do what I can to give back and make a difference in the communities in which I work. 

The mission of Smart & Sexy Homes LUXE Group is to give away a home to a deserving family every year! This is why I work as hard as I do for my clients. It’s nice to win awards and to be recognized, but it’s much more rewarding being the gift giver!

When you make the decision to use me as your REALTOR® and every time you send a referral my way, it puts me one step closer to being able to give away a home to a deserving family!

Imagine the excitement of an unsuspecting family when they learn that they have received a home that has been paid for in full! I’d love for you to partner with my other clients who are also supporting this Mission by sending your referrals my way! I plan to give away my first home sometime in 2019 and I’d love for you to help us present that home to that deserving family!